Adele Erle reflects experiences of her childhood and her current shamanic practice. How did she find her way to core shamanism and what experiences inspired her first steps? Read the interview.



We dearly thank 200 participants from all over the world for shaping the online conference ´Shamanism and Digitalisation´ on June 26th 2020 together with us! Excellent speakers, powerful performances and a live experiment made this conference an event “pioneering the field”, as one participant stated. For a review of the conference see link.
On the day of the conference also the book has been published. It contains all lectures as well as additional articles and previously unreleased material on our research project on the digital realities. See Book “Shamanism and Digitalisation”.



The current situation, that affects us all, requires clarity, straightforward, yet thoughtful decisions – as well as offers that foster community and support the identification of concrete solutions.
This is why the Foundation for Shamanic Studies Europe will start offering new formats from now on. We will not just transfer our in-person workshops to virtual reality. Rather, based on our experiences of more than 30 years, we have been developing innovative and tailormade activities – to address the needs of our time adequately:

The Shamanic Journey to Power and Knowledge
Introductory workshop into Core Shamanism – authentic, powerful, effective.
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Essentials of Shamanic Divination
Effective communication with your own spiritual helpers as pre-requiste for shamanic practice.
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Shamanism for Inspired Local and Global Change
The workshop for carving out practical, ordinary reality solutions for current collective challenges.
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Core Shamanic Research Laboratory
Shamanic research that leads to new knowledge and new power.
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Online-Training in Core Shamanic Practice
A step-by-step approach to develop your own shamanic practice in demanding times.
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In addition, we will continue to organise ongoing Core Shamanic Online Community Meetings, to experience community and get inspiration for own action. The meetings will take place on Friday, 7 to 9 p.m. CET, on a monthly basis. The next time on July 10th 2020. Working language is English; participation is free of charge.
For further information and enrolment, please, e-mail to office@shamanicstudies.net.

P.S.: Of course, we will continue with our in-person workshops as soon as this is possible. Details will be published when available.

We are continuing our work with determination, adapted to the current circumstances and in full power, at the service of the community.
We would be looking forward to do this together with you!



The current crisis has changed our ways of life dramatically. Sickness and concern have become permanent companions. However, parallel to that, one can feel and experience that society is moving closer. One cares for the other, supplies with the essentials, takes on individual burden for the benefit of the other. It is also Stories of Hope that this extraordinary period in time writes.

Such as the following:
“I live in a flat of an old building, with a small yard at the back of the house. Next to me, on the same Floor, a young couple lives, with a small terrace, too. Up to now I have only seen them through the Windows. Last Monday the weather was Beautiful and they went outside, equippend with yoga mat, dumbbell and jump rope, to do their work-out. For the first time, we started to talk. And as they didn´t have enough space for two, I told them that, most naturally, they could also my yard. In the course of the dialogue we happened to talk about my compost. They had been looking for a place to dispose their compost already for a while. And I have been looking for somebody to thoroughly mix my compost form time to time!”

We want to collect these Stories of Hope. So, please, send us your personal anecdotes of daily life via E-Mail to office@shamanicstudies.net. May these delicate plants grow and create confidence.
Thank you very much!



In the Basic workshop „The Way of the Shaman®” participants are introduced into Core Shamanism, which is based on transcultural and universal principles of shamanism.
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Shamanism is the oldest healing tradition of humanity. Shaman serve their communities and act as mediators, mediators between humans and spirits.
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