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The Foundation for Shamanic Studies (FSS) is dedicated to the preservation, study and teaching of shamanic knowledge for the welfare of all. Alongside countless seminars, the FSS has conducted a large spectrum of projects to promote these goals. The findings of these strategic programs are afterwards integrated into FSS formats worldwide.

By request, the FSS supports activities which preserve jeopardized or revive lost shamanic traditions. Thus far, the FSS has supported initiatives in Central Asia and Siberia, Samiland, Australia, Canada, the continental U.S.A. and Alaska, the Amazon Basin, and elsewhere.
In addition, the “Living Treasures of Shamanism” program provides lifelong stipends to support the ongoing work of extraordinary shamans, thus assuring the transmission of their knowledge and the survival of the tradition.

From its earliest days, the Foundation for Shamanic Studies has been undertaking diverse research projects. These include: the “Shamanic Healing” program; the “Mapping of Nonordinary Reality” (MONOR) project, which includes the world’s largest database of transcultural reports about shamanic journeys; and the “Shamanic Knowledge Conservatory,” a unique collection of shamanic artifacts, literature, field notes, photographs, audiovisual material, etc. This work not only contributes to the progress of scientific research in shamanic work, but also acquires essential knowledge and makes it available.

The Foundation for Shamanic Studies annually offers several hundred workshops in shamanism around the world, thus making an essential contribution to the preservation and evolution of shamanism in modern societies.

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