Paul Uccusic

fac40Paul Uccusic was born in 1937 in Vienna. After studies of chemistry, physics and mathematics at the University of Vienna, he became a journalist and served in leading positions in different daily newspapers in Austria.

In 1971, he got in touch with parapsychology and spiritual healing. He is the author of several books about healing.

In 1982, he met Michael Harner, the Founder of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, in Alpbach in Tyrol. The Core Shamanism formulated by Michael Harner became Paul’s central field of interest. He made study visits to the US, Latin America and Siberia. In 1985, Paul started to teach for the Foundation in German-speaking countries. In 1991, he published his book “The Shaman In Us”.

Until his death Paul Uccusic served as director of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies Europe. Building up the Foundation for Shamanic Studies in Europe and spreading Core Shamanism in Europe and beyond were an essential part of his life’s work.

Paul Uccusic passed away on August 2nd 2013 in Vienna.

“Psi-Resümee” (1975)
“Naturheiler” (1978)
“Doktor Biene” (1982)
“Heilen” (1984)
“Der Schamane in uns” (1991)

As editor:
Mongusch B. Kenin-Lopsan, Schamanengeschichten aus Tuwa (2011)
Mongusch B. Kenin-Lopsan, Schamanengesänge aus Tuwa (2013)