Advanced Workshops

Shamanic Divination

Using divinatory techniques to identify answers to vital questions

How can we find answers to urgent questions? What can we do to favourably influence a concern? Addressing these themes is a classic task of shamans and one of the foundations of practical shamanic work. By using specific techniques to consult the spirits, shamans identify relevant information and find answers to vital questions affecting individuals or the community.

Participants in this workshop get to know and use various divinatory techniques to answer their questions. The precision and elegance of the practices, as well as the efficiency of the work, underline the unique charm of shamanism. Just as shamans learned from stones and rocks, plants and animals at all times and in all places, we will also access these sources in the workshop to reveal ancient knowledge and wisdom.

The workshop “Shamanic Divination” addresses the following aspects of shamanic work in a practical way:

  • Theoretical and practical introduction to shamanic divination.
  • Practical experiences with various divinatory practices and oracles
  • Gaining knowledge from non-ordinary reality sources
  • Consulting the spirits for everyday and vital questions, for one’s own concerns and those of other people
  • Simple divinatory techniques for everyday life

Prerequisite for participation is completion of the Basic Workshop “The Way of the Shaman®”.

Next Dates Shamanic Divination

14.10.2023 - 15.10.2023 Luís Gonçalves Louro in Portuguese Carmões, Portugal
28.10.2023 - 29.10.2023 Dipl.-Inf. Viktorija Orsic Muthig in German München , Germany
01.12.2023 - 03.12.2023 Roman Steiner in German Oltingen, Switzerland
22.11.2024 - 24.11.2024 Roman Steiner in German Oltingen, Switzerland