Advanced Workshops

Shamanism for Inspired Local and Global Change

Using applied divination to create effective solutions to collective problems

In challenging times, shamanic work can significantly contribute to effective and sustainable solutions to community problems. Practitioners ask for the wisdom of compassionate spirits to help them cope with crisis situations – local or global, social or environmental. Thus, the real power of shamanic divination is revealed as a systematic, spiritual method of coping with problems. This enables shamanic practitioners to take decisive steps in ordinary reality that can bring about change for the benefit of all.

This workshop offers practical methods and ethical guidelines to bring to light essential knowledge of fully compassionate spirits and to transform it into concrete actions. In this way, solutions become tangible, benefiting us humans per se, our precious Earth, and all its inhabitants. Participants learn practical approaches to develop concrete ways of solving collective problems and to implement them.

In the online version of this workshop, sufficient time in between the sessions will be dedicated to implementing ordinary reality action. Thus, transfer of outcomes is fostered and immediate impacts can be evaluated, leading to further action.

The theoretical basis for the workshop is the article “Shamanic Divination as Spiritual Problem Solving” by Susan Mokelke.

The workshop “Shamanism for inspired Local and Global Change” addresses the following aspects of shamanic work in a practical way:

  • Focus on concrete approaches to community challenges that can be implemented in ordinary reality
  • Becoming familiar with a spiritual methodology for solving collective problems
  • Understanding the role of human beings on our Earth and in everyday events
  • Ways to use shamanic work compassionately and for the benefit of all
  • Deepening reflections on ethics in Core Shamanism in order to work for collective concerns

Prerequisite for participation is completion of the Basic Workshop “The Way of the Shaman®” OR the two online introductory workshops “The Shamanic Journey to Power and Knowledge” and “Essentials Shamanic Divination”. Completion of the advanced workshop “Shamanic Divination” is recommended.