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We are inheritors of a profound spiritual tradition – shamanism. Rooted in principles that can be found all over the world, it is thousands of years old and at the same time cutting-edge. Shamanic work has persisted for one simple reason: it works.

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Conferences & Events

The Foundation for Shamanic Studies Europe addresses the urgent questions of our time and tries to contribute concrete solutions.

Every second year we organize international conferences on relevant topics – e.g. “Shamanism and Science”, “Shamanism and Ecology” or “Shamanism and Digitalisation”. Additionally, we implement online events twice a year.

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Publications & Studies

The Foundation for Shamanic Studies conducts ongoing work on shamanically relevant and contemporary issues. Some of the results are available to the public digitally and/or in print.

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Core Shamanic Research Laboratory

Research is the driving force of innovation.

The Core Shamanic Research Laboratory is dedicated to fundamental and applied transformative research to develop new knowledge, new power and new ways.

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