Core Shamanism

Core Shamanic Research Laboratory

Research is the driving force of innovation. The Core Shamanic Research Laboratory is dedicated to fundamental and applied transformative research to develop new knowledge, new power and new ways.

Shamanic research within a collaborative framework

We are experiencing a period in time characterized by new and extremely complex phenomena and epochal changes. Traditional knowledge seems essential, but no longer sufficient. Accordingly, fundamental research is needed. From a spiritual perspective, aspects from both ordinary and non-ordinary reality need to be considered.

Based on a Core Shamanic research paradigm and facilitated in continuous online sessions of three hours each, existing knowledge is deepened and differentiated, and new knowledge is generated. In addition, concrete methodological approaches to research the issues at hand (such as climate change, digitalisation or COVID-19) are carved out and experimented with.  

This research format is currently offered free of charge to a closed group. Contact if you are interested in joining.

Prerequisite for participation is completion of the Basic Workshop “The Way of the Shaman®”, “Shamanism, Dying and Beyond” and at least one further advanced workshop of the FSS(E).