According to the primary shamanic experience everything that is, is alive and ensouled. We are connected to everything and are ultimately one, an integral part of the totality of nature: we are nature.
Shamanism does not represent an intellectual ‘concept’ of how to understand natural phenomena. Rather, it is a straightforward, simple and elegant narrative of nature itself – a way of perceiving, comprehending, participating in and balancing the natural play of powers through one’s own first-hand experience. In this sense, shamanism is to be understood as a spiritual ecology.

In the online workshop “The Shamanic Worldview: Everything is Alive™” the following aspects of shamanic work are worked on in particular:

  • Developing experiential knowledge of the shamanic worldview through shamanic journeys and other methods
  • Differentiating of one’s own independent spirituality
  • Development of a deep awareness of ecological interrelations and the sacred nature of our world
  • Experiencing oneness: We are part of the totality of nature and connected to it
  • Practical ways of maintaining or restoring balance and harmony

Completion of

  • the basic workshop of the FSS “The Way of the Shaman®” – OR
  • the online introductory workshops of the FSS “The Shamanic Journey to Power and Knowledge” AND “Basics of Shamanic Divination”

Participation fee: € 140

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11.12.2021 - 11.12.2021
Online / EU (in English)
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