Community is more important than ever. This, too, is a the lessons of the Covid 19 pandemic. After decades of an individualistic way of life, it were ultimately local communities, but also international networks that have been carrying us through this crisis.
Community means finding one´s own place in a greater whole, being a valued part of it and contributing to its success – as the ones that we are and with the very power inherent to us.
Community means belonging, trusting companionship and change through completion.

In this new seminar participants will shape and experience the power of the community, in a direct and first-hand way.
Through specific practices, including ritual forms, community building and the
transfer of the relevant experiences into our daily lives will be fostered and enabled.
Serving the community by means of manifestating spiritual power and facilitating change has always been at the core of the shaman’s work.

Pre-requisite for the workshop is completion of the Basic Workshop “The Way of the Shaman®”.
Participation fee: € 280.-.

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22.04.2022 - 24.04.2022
Schlägl, OÖ / AT (German / English)
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