Mar Wieland

Mar Wieland was born in Fribourg, Switzerland, in 1974. She grew up with a deep love for the woods.

Her spirituality is rooted in this feeling of embedding and connectedness, and influenced by Tibetan Buddhism and the Medicine Wheel of the Hopi / Navajo. As a psycho-social counselor, working in her own practice in Zurich, she is accompanying persons of every age.

Her first shamanic journey represented a sort of homecoming and had an initiatory impact, with life changing consequences. With great joy, gratefulness and carefulness she has been studying shamanism ever since, mostly with Daniela Rupp. When teaching, she aims at empowering participants on their way to their personal responsibility.


09.06.2018 - 10.06.2018
Zürich / CH
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10.11.2018 - 11.11.2018
Zürich / CH
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