Ana Umbelino

Ana Umbelino was born and raised in Madeira Island, Portugal, were she lives with her husband and 3 sons.
Ana is passionate about life and all that humans can achieve, individually and collectively. A sailor since she was 12, the sea, the wind and the waves were her first teachers: “Be resilient and ready for the unexpected, be humble and learn from every situation”.

A yoga and capoeira practitioner, nature is always present in her life, with trekking, trail running, mountain biking, sailing and windsurfing.
Working as a facilitator and coach, Ana helps organizations bring out the best in their people, using different methods that promote dialogue, collaboration, creativity and diversity.

As a shamanic practitioner she organizes regular drum circles at nature in Madeira Island.
“Shamanism brought me practical results in different areas of my life, and helped me to integrate all dimensions in every project or activity that I’m involved.”


15.01.2022 - 16.01.2022
Madeira / PT (Portuguese / English)
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