Advanced Workshops

The Power of the Mountains

Exploring the power of the mountains in community through hiking and shamanic journeying

Places of power have been of great importance in shamanism since ancient times. At these places, shamans come into contact with powerful spirits in order to gain knowledge about a concern, to mobilize power for an undertaking or to receive healing. The ones who know find places of power in specific landscapes, for example, in deserts or in the mountains. Mountains like the Alps – with their rocks, waterfalls, glaciers, alpine pastures, plants and animals – offer a unique microcosm.

The workshop explores this fascinating and challenging environment – by hiking in ordinary reality and by shamanic journeying in non-ordinary reality. Experiencing the natural rhythms and cycles, as well as first-hand contact with various spirits of nature, are the foundations of the shamanic work, which takes place as far as possible in the nearby natural surroundings. Previous experiences are deepened, new techniques are tried out and healing work is done. During the week, participants successively build a community and cooperate for the benefit of all.

The workshop “The Power of the Mountains” addresses the following aspects of shamanic work in a practical way:

  • First-hand experience of animated and ensouled nature and the spirits of the mountains
  • Shamanic work with places of power
  • Divination and healing work, performed in a larger community that works together for a whole week
  • Getting to know and move safely in the alpine world
  • Training the perception of non-ordinary aspects of the Middle World

Prerequisite for participation is completion of the Basic Workshop “The Way of the Shaman®”.

Next Dates The Power of the Mountains

10.08.2024 - 17.08.2024 Mag. Roland Urban in German Ramsau, Dachstein, Austria
09.08.2025 - 16.08.2025 Mag. Roland Urban in German Ramsau, Dachstein, Austria