Advanced Workshops

Shamanism and the Spirits of Nature

Experiencing the connection with ensouled nature by means of shamanic techniques

According to ancient shamanic tradition, all of nature is perceived as animated and ensouled. The aim of this workshop is to expand and deepen our knowledge of and relationship to nature by coming into direct contact with the spirits of the Middle World. These include stones, plants, animals, the elements and the weather, from which shamans of many cultures have learned since time immemorial. Beings known from fairy tales or mythology also play a role. This workshop takes place mainly outdoors.

First-hand shamanic experiences will teach participants to look at nature with different eyes. They will experience themselves as part of nature and have the opportunity to become aware of ecological interrelations for which the view of a larger whole is necessary. In addition to feeling connected, shamanic divination, healing work and ceremonies will be performed with the help of the spirits of nature. Participants will learn what needs to be considered in the process.

The workshop “Shamanism and the Spirits of Nature” addresses the following aspects of shamanic work in a practical way:

  • Practical experience of the animate and ensouled character of nature and the spirits of nature
  • Shamanic work with spirits of the Middle World, such as stones, plants, animals, elements, the weather and beings from fairy tales
  • Deepened knowledge of one’s own relationship to nature and ecological interrelations.
  • Becoming aware (or renewing one’s awareness) of one’s personal connection with the so-called “environment”
  • Training the perception of non-ordinary aspects of the Middle World.

Prerequisite for participation is completion of the Basic Workshop “The Way of the Shaman®”.

Next Dates Shamanism and the Spirits of Nature

13.04.2024 - 14.04.2024 Luís Gonçalves Louro in Portuguese Carmões, Portugal
14.04.2024 - 20.04.2024 Mag. Roland Urban in German / Croatian Lovran, Croatia
03.05.2024 - 05.05.2024 Kerstin Bandmann in German Prinzhöfte/Horstedt, Germany
03.05.2024 - 05.05.2024 Kai Goerlich in German Prinzhöfte, Germany
07.06.2024 - 09.06.2024 Roman Steiner in German Oltingen, Switzerland
14.06.2024 - 16.06.2024 Marta Niccolai in English Online
02.08.2024 - 04.08.2024 DI Paul David in German Königswinter - Bennerscheid, Germany