Core Shamanism

Core Shamanic Community Meetings

In community, we experience power and focus, even in challenging times. We use the potentials of online formats to continually enable and promote the meetings.

Community Meetings and shamanic work on current issues

We created this format at the beginning of the first lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic. With Core Shamanic Online Community Meetings, we wanted to address the need for community, to meet, share and be inspired to effectively continue shamanic practice in times of uncertainty.

The initial principles have not changed. The Online Community Meetings are now an enduring format that continuously evolves and is significantly shaped by the contributions of participants. It is one of the most important opportunities for core shamanic practitioners to meet on an ongoing basis and work shamanically as a community.

The meetings are organised both internationally and with a regional focus (i.e. in different languages). Each meeting follows a common structure and is dedicated to a specific theme relevant to our time.

No prerequisites are necessary. Participation is free of charge.

To register, please send an email to

Next Dates Core Shamanic Community Meetings

11.07.2022 - 11.07.2022 Dipl.-Inf. Viktorija Orsic Muthig Online (in German)
29.07.2022 - 29.07.2022 Dr. Andreas Hirsch Online
26.08.2022 - 26.08.2022 Dipl.-Biol. Kai Goerlich Online
12.09.2022 - 12.09.2022 Dipl.-Inf. Viktorija Orsic Muthig Online (in German)
23.09.2022 - 23.09.2022 Ana Umbelino Online
21.10.2022 - 21.10.2022 Dipl.-Inf. Viktorija Orsic Muthig Online
07.11.2022 - 07.11.2022 Dipl.-Inf. Viktorija Orsic Muthig Online (in German)
16.12.2022 - 16.12.2022 Mag. Roland Urban Online