Long Term Training Programmes

Change and Transformation – Core Shamanic One-Year Online Training Programme

Initiating and facilitating transformation on personal and community level as well as in complex systems

Our world is changing. Our perceived securities, routines, our whole lives have begun to shift substantially. Traditional ways do not seem to be sufficient anymore to successfully and sustainably manage the challenges ahead (such as climate change, pandemics, social tensions, etc.). Hence, we need to develop a new perspective, gain new knowledge and power, and identify new ways and solutions. We need to proactively facilitate change and transformation by manifesting shamanic knowledge and shamanic power in ordinary reality. This is not only recommendable, but – given our responsibility for future generations – obligatory.


Intention and aims

This experiential programme, designed by Roland Urban, aims to develop and establish:

  • profound and differentiated knowledge on shamanism
  • safe and effective practice of divinatory journeywork and long-distance healing
  • ways of (self-)empowerment
  • ways of community building
  • practices and ways to facilitate change and transformation through responsible shamanic action in ordinary reality

The overall intention is to prepare for taking responsible action and thereby contribute to change by design (instead of change by disaster). The programme intends to support personal transformation, community building and the shamanic facilitation of change-management processes in complex systems.


Format of the One-Year Programme

In a series of eight online workshops and four review sessions over the period of one year, relevant knowledge and experiential practice build towards a fundamental understanding of shamanism. Through structurally initiated encounters with their personal helping spirits, and based on their own successively deepening perspective on non-ordinary reality, participants undergo an individual and group learning process in developing shamanic knowledge and skills. These experiences should be consequently transferred to ordinary reality (“responsible action”), thereby initiating change and transformation processes in oneself and supporting others in doing so.

In addition, assignments, peer support and “Change Groups” between the workshops, along with a written paper or project report on a focus of interest in Core Shamanism, complement and deepen the learning.


Training Structure and Modalities

The workshops represent three main fields of interest. Each of these areas of shamanism is covered in a special module of the programme containing a certain number of workshops.

The two workshops of the module “Essentials – Shamanic Journeying and Divination” are the foundation for the following modules. Those two introductory workshops may be replaced by previous participation in the online workshops “The Shamanic Journey to Power and Knowledge” and “Essentials of Shamanic Divination” or by having previously completed the in-person basic workshop of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies “The Way of the Shaman”. Completion of the module “Essentials – Shamanic Journeying and Divination” or the aforementioned alternative workshops qualify for the further steps in the programme.

From the moment of entering the module “A Way of Power and Knowledge” onwards, the group is closed to new participants. It is not possible to join the group after that.

Registration is possible only for the entire programme (not for single workshops or parts of it). Attending and completing all workshops and review sessions of the programme is mandatory. Participation in at least 80 percent of the programme time (i.e. eight days; workshops and review sessions) is required to successfully complete the training.



including the workshops “The Shamanic Journey to Power and Knowledge” and “Essentials of Shamanic Divination”.

including the review session “Essentials” and the workshops “On Power”, “Shamanic Cosmology” and “On Spirits”.

including the review sessions “A Way of Power and Knowledge” and “Facilitating Change and Transformation”, as well as the workshops “Long-distance healing”, “Shamanism for Inspired Local and Global Change” and “Facilitating Change and Transformation”.

Final session and closing event.


Organisational details

The workshops and sessions will be facilitated in a virtual meeting room, using Zoom videoconferencing software. Details, technical instructions and information on etiquette will be sent to the participant after acceptance to the programme.

The programme begins on October 7th, 2023 with “The Shamanic Journey to Power and Knowledge”.

For those who have completed “The Shamanic Journey to Power and Knowledge” and “Essentials of Shamanic Divination” or the in-person basic workshop of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies “The Way of the Shaman”, respectively, the programme starts with the Review Session on “Essentials – Shamanic Journeying and Divination” on December 1st, 2023.

Further details on the workshops and sessions, as well as on modalities and dates, will be provided after registration.

The programme will end on with the Closing Event Friday, October 4th, 2024.

Participation fee for the entire programme (Modules 1 – 3 and Closing Event): € 1600. Payment is due no later than October 7th, 2022.

Participation fee for the programme when joining with Module 2 (excluding Module 1 – “Essentials – Shamanic Journeying and Divination”, because of workshop completion previous to the programme): € 1400. Payment is due no later than December 1st, 2023.

Payment is possible in three instalments: 2 x € 500 and 1 x € 600 (entire programme); 2 x € 500 and 1x € 400 (start with Module 2).
Due dates of instalments: October 7th, 2023, December 1st, 2023, February 1st, 2024.

In case of payment of the full fee ahead of the programme, a reduced fee of € 1500 for the full programme is applicable. For the programme excluding “Essentials”, the reduced amount is € 1300.

An undisturbed room; a comfortable chair to sit on; a bandana to cover your eyes, writing material; drum and/or a rattle.

Roland Urban (2020): Shamans – Agents of Change and Transformation.
Roland Urban (2021): “Let the Wheel of Change Turn”: The Core Shamanic One-Year Online Training Programme.


Application: To apply for the programme, send a short letter of interest explaining why you would like to participate in the programme to office@shamanicstudies.net and enclose a portrait photo as well as a list of shamanic workshops (topic, instructor, date) that you have already completed (if this is the case). Further details on the enrolment process and the programme will follow after application.