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Advanced Shamanic Healing Practice

Using coherent methodology to perform holistic shamanic healing sessions

The most important approaches to shamanic healing work are power animal retrieval, shamanic extraction, psychopomp work and soul retrieval. Each of these methods in itself is an effective way of Core Shamanic healing work. In practice, however, the combination of several methods might be necessary. This workshop aims to facilitate a coherent and effective use of the aforementioned healing techniques.

Participants will be taught a structured model for a classical shamanic healing session, which they will subsequently put into practice – as a concrete example of shamanic healing work for a client, directly and on site. The workshop is suitable for people who want to establish a shamanic healing practice as well as for experienced practitioners who want to deepen their knowledge. The rare opportunity to share experiences with advanced practitioners completes the workshop.

The workshop “Advanced Shamanic Healing Practice” addresses the following aspects of shamanic work in a practical way:

  • Recapitulation of essential methods in shamanic healing work: power animal retrieval, shamanic extraction, psychopomp work, and soul retrieval
  • Deepening the knowledge of ancient shamanic healing methods
  • Theoretical and practical exploration of a coherent model for a shamanic healing session
  • Practical guidelines and ethical principles for shamanic healing work
  • Sharing experiences with advanced shamanic practitioners

Next Dates Advanced Shamanic Healing Practice

31.10.2025 - 02.11.2025 Mag. Roland Urban in German / English Aigen-Schlägl, Austria