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Articles and Videos on Shamanism

This section contains various contributions on the topic of shamanism. They originate from research activities, conferences, events and publications of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies Europe or were written by guest authors. The selection is continually expanded.

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Shamans - Agents of Change and Transformation

Roland Urban,

How can shamanism help us facilitate change and transformation for the benefit of all? Core Shamanic Change Management is a suitable approach.

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Dreamwork_Shamanic Tool

A Core Shamanic Theory of Dreams

Michael Harner,

Michael Harner's theory of dreams provides the basis for the core shamanic approach to dreams, visions, and similar states of consciousness.

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Rays of light break out between the clouds and shine on a natural lake between snow-capped mountains and grassy landscape.

Life - A Rhythm. Notions on a Journey to Sápmi Thoughts from a journey to Sápmi

Alexander Jatscha-Zelt,

A travelogue about a journey to the north of Scandinavia, to Sápmi. The exploration of the last shamanic culture in Europe leads the author to ways of shamanic work at home.

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Looking to the Future

Kai Goerlich,

Looking ahead creates orientation in times of change. Shamanic work generates strength, confidence and hope.

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Shamanic Divination as Spiritual Problem Solving

Susan Mokelke,

The real strength of shamanic divination revealed as a systematic spiritual method for solving community problems.