Michael Harner (2013) – Cave and Cosmos: Shamanic Encounters with Another Reality

Michael Harner, one of the most important experts in shamanism, presents with “Cave and Cosmos” the essence of his scientific and practical work of more than 50 years. The founder of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies impressively proves the reality of spirits and makes an invaluable contribution to shamanic research with the mapping of non-ordinary reality.

Michael Harner (1st ed. 1980) – The Way of the Shaman

In 1980, Dr. Michael Harner presented “The Way of the Shaman”, the fundamental work on practical shamanism. Then as now, it is considered the classic text of Core Shamanism, which was developed to a great extent by him.

Roland Urban (ed.) (2020) – Shamanism and Digitalisation

Do spirits exist in digital realities? How can we work with them safely and effectively? This book opens up an unexplored field, raises previously unasked questions, and presents fundamental research on the interactions between technology and spirituality.

Roland Urban, Laurent Huguelit (ed.) (2018) – Schamanismus und Ökologie – Chamanisme et Écologie

Shamanism and ecology meet in the common idea that all that is, is connected and thus ultimately One. The contributions in this volume outline scenarios for a sustainable design of the mutual relationships between the natural elements.

Roland Urban, Andreas J. Hirsch (HRSG.) (2016) – Shamanism and Science

Shamanism and science – at first glance, these two paths of knowledge could not be more different. At a second glance, however, not only inherent similarities of these two worldviews become apparent, but also many opportunities for bridging the gap or even complementary interaction.

Sandra Harner (2014) – Ema's Odyssey: Shamanism for Healing and Spiritual Knowledge

This book documents 64 shamanic journeys of a woman through different worlds. She meets power animals and teachers who answer her deepest questions and initiate life-changing processes. Widowed, childless and alone, 60-year-old Ema courageously decides to expand her self-knowledge by embarking on a spiritual adventure.

Michael Harner (ED.) (1973) – Hallucinogens And Shamanism

This book discusses the relevance of psychoactive plants for shamanic work – both concerning the classical indigenous field and also in relation to cultures that have been or are exposed to the influence of the so-called Western way of life.

Michael Harner (1972) – The Jivaro: People of the Sacred Waterfalls

Michael Harner’s classic anthropological study of the Shuar people of South America’s Amazon lowlands, east of the Andes in Ecuador, offers profound insights into the nature, culture and spirituality of a classic indigenous tradition.