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Riccardo Gude

Workshops on shamanism in Eastern Germany

Riccardo Gude was born in 1974 and grew up in a village in the Oberlausitz / Germany. After a craft apprenticeship, he embarked on a career as a civil servant. Since 2019, he has been teaching criminalistics at a university of applied sciences. Riccardo separates secular and spiritual activities clearly and unambiguously.

Despite considerable political influences in the former DDR and the mainly academic orientation at school, spiritual experiences have accompanied him since childhood. Riccardo has always taken these seriously and looked at them with the view of a researcher - until today.

Following autodidactic studies of individual world religions, Buddhism and anthroposophy, his first conscious contact with shamanism took place in 2012. Riccardo was particularly impressed by the disciplined and scientific approach of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. Despite considerable initial doubts, he dared to explore the way of the shamanic practitioner within the framework of the FSS workshops. The experiences that came along with this, which were unquestionable for him, had a significant impact on his life and give him the incentive to further pursue the non-ordinary aspects of our reality.

Riccardo Gude teaches Basic Workshops in Core Shamanism in the Eastern part of Germany since 2022.


For questions to workshops and activities, please contact:
Riccardo Gude
D-01819 Bahretal
+49 1622652273

Upcoming workshops with Riccardo Gude

21.06.2024 - 23.06.2024 Shamanic Extraction Healing Training in German Eibenstock, Germany
26.10.2024 - 27.10.2024 The Way of the Shaman in German Dresden, Germany
06.12.2024 - 08.12.2024 Shamanic Extraction Healing Training in German Leipzig, Germany