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Minka von Kries

Workshops on shamanism in Cologne

Minka von Kries was born in Siegburg, Germany, in 1974.
Originally trained as an educator, circus and dance pedagogue, Minka followed the call of the horses. She completed additional training in therapeutic riding and became an amateur riding instructor. Since then, she has been working with horses and "their associated humans."

Throughout her life, Minka has been receiving power, safety, and answers through the contact with animals and the spirits of nature. She loves to be in the outdoors and manifests this power with her photographs. Pottery with the Raku technique enables her to connect the elements. Minka has a passion to travel, to be in communities and practice shamanically. With her work, she wants to contribute to developing understanding for each other and to achieving a joyful togetherness based on partnership.

Minka von Kries has been a Guest Faculty Member of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies Europe since December 2022.


For questions to workshops and activities, please contact:
Minka von Kries
D- 53773 Hennef
+49 157 33 213 558

Upcoming workshops with Minka von Kries

21.01.2024 - 21.01.2024 Day of Practice - Full day in German Troisdorf, Germany
19.10.2024 - 20.10.2024 The Way of the Shaman in German Köln, Germany
02.11.2024 - 03.11.2024 The Way of the Shaman in German Münster, Germany