European Faculty

Kerstin Bandmann

Workshops on shamanism in the Bremen area

Kerstin Bandmann was born in the year 1964 in Lüdenscheid, Germany. She is a mother of two adult sons and lives in Worpswede, Northern Germany. Since 2003 Kerstin Bandmann works in private practice as physical therapist and osteopath.

Her interest for alternative healing methods has been activated already in her early adult years. Exploring core-shamanism at the basic workshop she was fascinated by the versatility of shamanic work. Numerous advanced workshops as well as regular participation in a drum circle followed.
The powerful experiences she had fueled the need to deepen her knowledge.


For questions to workshops and activities, please contact:
Kerstin Bandmann
D-27726 Worpswede
+49 4792 9544904