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DI Wieland Braun

Workshops on shamanism in Schwarzwald and Stuttgart

Born in the southern Schwarzwald, Germany in 1952, Wieland Braun is father of three children and lives in Laufenburg, Germany, close to the Swiss border. After his studies in electrical engineering he worked in the fields of industry and handicraft, adjacent he trained for becoming a health pracitioner (Heilpraktiker).

In 1992 the ongoing search for a way of knowledge led him to Reiki (Master) and shamanism. He completed the basic and advanced workshops with Paul Uccusic. Additional training with Michael Harner, study visit in Tuva 1994. The shamanic way, and the changes associated with it, has dynamized his life significantly, and eventually became an essential component of his professional life.


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For questions to workshops and activities, please contact:
DI Wieland Braun
D-79725 Laufenburg
+49 7763 92 75 739