European Faculty

DI Michael Hasslinger

Workshops on shamanism in Lower Austria and Salzburg

Born in 1946, married, one daughter, lives close to Vienna in Wiener Neudorf, Lower Austria. He studied architecture in Vienna and Graz; after that he constructed railway tunnels and finally joined the construction company of his parents. 1980 Civil Engineer. He run his own construction company with 25 employees at Traiskirchen until 2006.

Suffering from depression during youth time he began to search for spirituality and community. He joined University Community Graz, afterwards the group of catholic priest Dr. Jantsch in Südstadt. On the way of looking for a "healing tool" he attended Michael Harner's first workshop in Vienna in 1983. He learned how to shamanize and joined several drum circles to help clients. Since 1994 he serves as a Faculty member of FSS Europe as well as Vice Director of the European Branch of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies.


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For questions to workshops and activities, please contact:
Johanna Urmoneit
A-2340 Mödling
+43 676 30 25 270

Upcoming workshops with DI Michael Hasslinger

29.06.2024 - 29.06.2024 Day of Practice - Full day in German Wienerwald, Austria
31.08.2024 - 01.09.2024 The Way of the Shaman in German MÖDLING, Austria
20.09.2024 - 22.09.2024 Three Year Program Follow-Up - Practicum in German Wienerwald, Austria
15.11.2024 - 17.11.2024 Power Soul Retrieval Training in German Goldegg, Austria