European Faculty

Alexandra Viverge

Workshops on shamanism in Paris, Montreuil und Damville

Born in Germany in a French family, Alexandra Viverge has grown up in both, German and French cultures. She currently lives close to Paris with her husband and her three children. After studying Educational Sciences and Social Service in Paris, she began to work as a social worker in a Childhood Protection service for pregnant teenage girls and women.

Coming from a family with deep connection to subtle realms, she encountered shamanism in 2003 with a Native American culture in Canada. For about a decade, she has studied and experimented with several forms of altered states of consciousness. Parallel she has started to follow core-shamanic workshops with the FSS.

In 2011, she has founded ´L’Arbremondes´, aiming to promote and provide shamanic healing.


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For questions to workshops and activities, please contact:
Alexandra Viverge
+33 6 40 25 89 27