Core Shamanism

Shamanic Training

Shamanic practitioner holds frame drum against the light and drums.

The Basic Workshop “The Way of the Shaman®” aims at establishing direct contact with one´s own spiritual allies. As the first step in core shamanic training, this safe and proven format enables thousands of participants each year to start their shamanic practice.

Principles of the training

The basic workshop builds the foundation of training in Core Shamanism. Core Shamanism is not defined by any particular ethnic group nor by any particular ideology, but consists of the transcultural or universal principles and methods in shamanism, humankind’s oldest healing tradition.

Core Shamanism recognizes the reality of spirits and the existence of two realities, ordinary and non-ordinary. Participants in Core Shamanic training learn to access non-ordinary reality by deliberately altering their state of consciousness. They become able to establish contact with their own spiritual allies through first-hand experience in non-ordinary reality.

This work, which is practiced by indigenous shamans in a similar way, is carried out with the help of drums and rattles, amongst others tools. The methodology involved is taught safely and efficiently, as evidenced by more than 100,000 workshop participants on all continents over the past four decades. Training in Core Shamanism enables us to integrate spiritual power and holistic knowledge into our lives, in order to transform ourselves and to help others.

Shamanic training with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies

Core shamanic training is facilitated in the participants’ own “indigenous” environment. This fosters the integration of spiritual power and the development of practical shamanic work in the midst of their own life circumstances.

Core Shamanism offers a wide range of experiences and methods to promote and enrich the personal spiritual path. Practitioners might undergo a series of personal transformations and initiations in the course of their training. They learn directly from their allies in non-ordinary reality. Shamanism represents a way of knowledge and power that is simultaneously self-determined and supported by the spirits.

The Basic Workshop “The Way of the Shaman®” and the online introductory workshop “The Shamanic Journey to Power and Knowledge” are prerequisites for further involvement in Core Shamanism. They initiate independent shamanic work. In addition, we provide advanced workshops and online offers on essential topics in shamanism. Each workshop is part of the shamanic training and represents an experiential introduction to the topic. We do not offer a fixed curriculum or diplomas – you alone decide on the order, focus and frequency of your participation. With this, we acknowledge and apply the primacy of the mature and self-determined person in a consequent manner.


Shamanic practitioners dance, rattle and drum around a candle in a darkened seminar room.

Who is a shaman?

In shamanic cultures, there are several different ways to become a shaman. If a person survives life-threatening illness or misfortune, the community might credit him or her with extraordinary power. In some cultures, shamans pass on power and knowledge directly to their successors. In others, apprentices deliberately expose themselves to extreme situations to awaken the compassion of the spirits. In some, the focus is on training with human teachers. One way or another, shamans are called by the spirits, who are the real authorities in shamanism.

People who have the power to successfully support and heal are recognized by their community as shamans. Out of respect for the integrity of shamanic cultures and their traditions, participants in our workshops do not call themselves shamans, but shamanic practitioners. This does not change the power and effectiveness of the work involved. Our training rationale has been tried and tested for over 40 years. It is effective and safe. Our primary aim is to empower participants by enabling them to gain first-hand experiences with their own spiritual helpers in non-ordinary reality in an independent and self-determined way.

The in-person Basic Workshop “The Way of the Shaman®” and the online introductory workshop “The Shamanic Journey to Power and Knowledge” are the fundamental first steps into this fascinating world.