Core Shamanism

Core shamanic days of practice

Common practical shamanic work offers significant potential – for practitioners and for clients. Core Shamanic Days of Practice create opportunities to apply what has been learned to benefit oneself and others.

Community building and practical shamanic work

Usually organized regionally, Core Shamanic Days of Practice offer valuable opportunities to network with other shamanic practitioners and cooperate for the benefit of all involved. The focus is on the practical application of what has been learned in order to strengthen trust in working with the spirits, to develop one’s own practice and skills, and to work on concrete issues brought in by clients.

Core Shamanic Days of Practice last from half a day to a whole weekend, depending on need and outline. The contents range from experimental and research formats to classical divinatory and healing sessions for clients. Thus, at Days of Practice there might also be the chance to provide shamanic healing work for people who are not practicing shamanism on their own. In this way, conditions for shamanic work are created that mirror the classical setting in indigenous cultures and are otherwise rarely found in contemporary European societies.

Ask faculty members in your area if core shamanic days of practice are held in your area. Prerequisite for participation is completion of the Basic Workshop “The Way of the Shaman®”.