CDs, MP3

The Foundation for Shamanic Studies has published a series of CDs and MP3 that support unobstructed and efficient shamanic journeying or healing work wherever live drumming might not be used. The recordings help initiating and sustaining the shamanic state of consciousness, and include a callback signal for structured, safe return.

cd1No. 1: Michael Harner´s Shamanic Journey Solo and Double Drumming™

The CD includes the classical drumming rhythm, played by one or two round-frame drums, respectively. 15 and 30 min, with callback.


cd2No. 2: Michael Harner´s Shamanic Journey Didjeridu™

The incredible sound of the aboriginal Australian didjeridu (an ancient hollow tube drone), accompanied by click sticks, carries one into an extended Dreamtime journey.


cd3No. 3: Michael Harner´s Shamanic Journey Singing Chorus™

This CD is inspired by an ancient northern European method for long journeying, the singing journey methods of the last of the traditional European shamans among the Sami (Laplanders) of northern Scandinavia. Drumming is followed by a women’s chorus to provide gentle support for the shamanic journeyer.


cd4No. 4: Michael Harner´s Shamanic Journey Musical Bow™

The musical bow is the percussive sound of a single plucked string stretched tautly between the ends of a bowed stick, an instrument once utilized by many tribal shamans in different parts of the world. Here the Brazilian berimbau is played, alone and with a rattle, providing a unique, effective sound for journeying.


doubleNo. 5: Michael Harner´s Shamanic Double Drumming™

The use of two drums, played facing each other, creates more reverberations and overtones than are usually produced by one drum alone. The slower measured beat of this recording is useful for many shamanic practices, such as calling in the spirits, and may also be used for journeying.


cd6No. 6: Michael Harner´s Shamanic Journey Rattle™

The rattle, in various forms, is used by shamans in many parts of the world. Here a single rawhide rattle is shaken to provide a higher frequency sound than the drum, which requires less volume to be effective for journeying.


cd7No. 7: Michael Harner´s Shamanic Journey Multiple Drumming™

Unified, driving, shamanic journey drumming by the four Bridgewalker Drummers using cottonwood double-headed round-frame drums. The disciplined drumming in unison produces a full range of the auditory spectrum. The compact disc offers the opportunity to program 15 and 30 minute multiple drumming sessions with callback.


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